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This website is not a conservative or catholic account of Jesus Christ. It by no means portrays or vouches for accuracy nor for absolutism. What it is though is a website that attempts at showing a mystical approach to the life of the Savior. While his story has been around for two millennia, time has corroded a lot of it leaving much to one’s interpretation.


It is our belief that we the descendants must try and understand the true words of the Christ and not get swayed by books or preaching of a rigid system. Jesus was according to us, first a mystic and brother. Only then was he a savior on a pedestal. Both these suggestions are debated in our deeper pages and we welcome criticism and applause with equal aplomb on our theologies.

Please note that our views are ours alone and we have no interest in preaching, promoting or discoursing the same. This website is only a place of personal recollection and nothing more.

This website is a not-for-profit organization. We believe that sharing our beliefs is more important than generating revenue. We would like to thank our corporate donater, for donating 2-years worth of web hosting to us; allowing us to be on the internet. One Sure Insurance specialises in many different insurance policies, although they are best known for their motor traders policies. If you’re a motor trader and looking for motor trade insurance, please visit: